The Board has reviewed proposals from several project managers that specialize in construction defect repair work.  AD Magellan has been chosen and is in the process of finalizing the inventory of all needed repairs.  Reconstruction to commence in 3Q 2018.  The Board plans to hold a town hall-style get together in the near future to bring all residents up to speed on what you can expect.  Please keep an eye out for the notices.

The fourth phase of the community-wide roofing project was completed mid-2018.  The final phase (clubhouse, fitness center and garages) will be in 2019.  Please let the Board or our property management company know of any issues you may be having.

Maintenance and Inspection Information

What is a hydronic heating system?
A hydronic heating system uses hot water instead of electric coils to distribute heat.

Do I have a hydronic heating system?
Yes, all homes at Canyon Villas have a hydronic heating system in which air is forced over a water heated radiator and distributed via vents throughout the home.

Where is my system located?
The main portion of your hydronic heating system is located in the ceiling of your home and is usually in a hallway or closet. The forced air unit and radiator are covered by a flat metal door that is usually 2’ by 4’ and has screws that hold it in place on three of the four sides.

Why does it take so long to get hot water at some of my faucets and other fixtures?

There are a number of reasons that it takes so long to receive hot water, a few of them are:

1. Broken check valve. The check valve is located above the water heater. Its main function is to direct water to flow in one direction only. A broken check valve allows water to flow in both directions and can actually allow water to reverse direction when a faucet or other fixture is turned on. This can cause luke warm or even cold water to be distributed in place of the hot water.

2. Old or broken water pump. The water pump is located directly above the water heater and forces water to run through the hydronic heating system. A poorly functioning water pump makes hot water distribution though the heating system very limited. This component is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.

Why does it take so long for hot air to come out of my vents?

Delayed hot air distribution could be caused by many different things, see the answers to the above question “Why does it take so long to get hot water at some of my faucets and other fixtures?” The hot water function directly effects the hot air distribution. Poorly functioning forced air fans may also be the cause of the issue.  The fans are a component that is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.

Why are there stains on the ceiling next to the metal door that covers the hydronic system?

The stains on the ceiling are typically caused by an overflow of the hydronic system’s drip pan. This style of leak can cause major damage if it is not addressed. The cause of leak is usually caused by either clogged drip pan drains or an improperly sloped drip pan.
Drip pan drains are a component that must be maintained regularly by the homeowner. According to building code the primary (1st drain) must drain into the home’s normal drain system. The secondary (backup drain) must drip over a conspicuous location signifying the primary drain is clogged and attention is needed. It is not wise to wait for the secondary to drip as it may get clogged for unrelated reasons forcing an overflow into the home and those below.

What is causing the yellow stains on my stucco or garage door?

Clogged primary drains are causing water to drain into the secondary drain system which is splashing onto your stucco or garage door. This is the sign of a much bigger problem and must be addressed by the homeowner.

What do I do if my primary drain is clogged?

Call your local heating and cooling service company and have them blow out your primary and secondary condensation drains.

Why are there pipes and wood blocks holing up portions of the heating system in the ceiling?

The original builder used copper pipe, PVC pipe, and/or wooden blocks to shim portions of the unit into place. They were mainly used to slope the drip pan in the proper direction.

What happens if decay or rust is found on my radiator system?

Advanced decay has been found on several radiators at Canyon Villas. This may not be causing a leak at the moment but is a sign that the system needs repair or replacement. If decay or leaks are found on a portion of the system, that is homeowner responsibility.

Free Bulk Trash Pickup 4 Times Per Year Per Unit!

CR&R Disposal offers four (4) free bulk item pick-ups per year for each resident!  If you have large items to discard (e.g., sofas, mattresses, tables, etc.), please contact CR&R directly at 877-728-0446.  PLEASE do NOT leave large items in front of our onsite dumpsters.  Thank you for your cooperation.

In order to create a defensive zone against wild fires, the Orange County Fire Authority  mandated that the Aliso Creek Road slope be cleared of fuel. After clearance the slope was replanted with draught resistant material.  The project was completed in the last half of 2015.

All units plus clubhouse and gym were repiped with PEX.  The project was completed in 2015.